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My career and experience to date ... 


After school-time in Germany ...

College of hotel management (LTHAH), Diekirch-Luxembourg 
 ... followed by an internship in a hotel at the airport of Luxembourg

... followed by a long stay in the U.S.A.

Flight Training to become a Commercial Pilot (frozen ATPL) and Flight Instructor  









besides Flight Training, participation in an English course, including teaching practice 


... I wanted to share some of that experience (incl. the language aspect) I had gained this far 

and decided to continue as ...


 - language tutor (teacher) for English helping students and adults;

 and French for beginners or as a preparation course for those that have chosen to learn it at school.









- pedagogical professional/specialist in sports (swimming) and English 

- teacher/tutor for full-time schools  (project-English)


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My goal is Your goal!

My student should get more comfortable with the language and also gain more self-confident with time,

while staying motivated and improving his overall knowledge in order to be able to master all required

tasks at school and reach his goals.  


- I love English! -


EngTutor - David Menke

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