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Conclusions & Facts from Experience

 Irregular Verbs

- Vocabulary 
this often times reflects the problem of not understanding sentences, includung Task/exercises


- Grammar

Most deficits and mistakes are being made with the following tenses:

"Present Progressive - Simple Past - Present Perfect"

The deficit mostly relates to understanding (how to build a tense) which unfortunately shows up on paper (in writing) as well.


(Explanations to the above mentioned Tenses can be found here)







- Verbs
are often incorrectly written, since they aren't repeated often and IF, only orally. But for school purposes (test etc.),

students must know how to write them as well.


- choosing the correct indefinite article

due to missing routing in the language of non-native English speakers, students often do to not become aware of this mistake.

- Prepositions (at, to, in ... etc)

- Word Order (S-V-O)

specially the correct placing of adverbs, such as sometimes, usually...

- Nouns/Verb ending in -es/-s
Nouns that end on either of these letters (es/s) in their plural forms. 

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