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1-On-1 -vs- Groups

One-on-One Lessons

Also known as Single Lessons

 (1 Teacher/1 Student)




Fast recognition of deficits & strengths!

- Teacher can focus on one (1) student only.

Due to a student's direct feedback (answers etc. ),

I will be able to quickly recognize the weaknesses/strenths.  

Less distractions in general

- Unlike Group Lessons, the student is not constantly distracted by others, which can often be a disadvantage in a group. 

Uncertainty/Anxiety towards others!

- The student never needs to be afraid or embarrassed of wrong statements in the group.

According to my experience, this problem can not only occur in school, but also during small group tutoring.    

Schnellere Verbesserung der Leistungen!
-Die Leistungen können aus all diesen Gründen sowie vielen weiteren Kleinigkeiten meist schneller verbessert werden.

Fast improvement of accomplishments/performance!

- Perfomances can be improved quickly through all these reasons and other things.


NONE are personally known to date!






Group/-Community Spirit!

A small group can provide for a better or more comfortable feeling for some students as they are NOT alone, making it more fun!

- Makes some students also feel better when they realize that they are NOT alone with their problems/deficits.


 Working together/Gaining self-confidence within a group! 

 - Students can help/learn from each other and lose or reduce their anxiety of making mistakes while in a group.

This may also have a positive impact for everday school life or in class activities.





Distractions from others!
The chance of being distracted by others (due to inapproriate bevahiour), can be bigger and thus, can lead to problems in focusing or concentrating on topics or tasks.

- Not every student is able to concentrate equally on himself and his work during a group lesson. 

In the long-term, all this can lead to ineffective learning and slow-down a student's overall learning process. This in turn can impact the entire learning/performance progress of a student.

Time management in a group

- A seldomly considered down-side of group

lessons - Dividing time fairly between students.*

This is not always possible as problems can suddenly occur with an individual requiring more time to be solved or clarified.

*If lessons are held in front of the class (lecture) when a topic is discussed, this is a lesser issue!   

 Choosing group or one-on-one lessons is an individual decision, that should be well-considered in advance.


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